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About Shawna

Becoming a Neurogen Practioner wasn't something I planned on doing, but after I saw what it did for my son I knew I had to be a part of making a difference in other people's lives!

Headshot of Shawna Scott

When my son was about six weeks into his senior year of high school, all of a sudden he came to me panic-stricken and said “I can’t read anymore!” Up to this point he was nearly a straight-A student enrolled in AP and honors classes but suddenly, letters on a printed page turned into symbols, words from a sentence below were interfering with words from above. There was no more memory, recall or meaning to sentences that he had just tried to read, and his head ached constantly. I rushed him to the emergency room and waited to obtain an MRI. His MRI results were normal. As his symptoms persisted and the days passed, a second MRI was performed and it also came back normal. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. An enormous amount of time, travel and money was spent with neurologists, neurological evaluations, MRIs, psychiatrists and brain mapping, but still no answers or relief.

Then I was referred to Neurogen Brain Balancing. At the end of my son’s first Neurogen session his constant headache had disappeared and he exclaimed that his vision had improved as well! He pointed to a poster hanging on the other side of the room and excitedly explained that the poster image was actually made up of small jig-saw puzzle pieces! He could see the fine lines of the puzzle pieces from across the room. For roughly three months my son had a Neurogen session once a week and he improved with every session.  His headaches diminished and his ability to read and comprehend returned. His mental clarity and memory improved and his depression and anxiety were alleviated.  My son is a baseball pitcher and he was extremely excited to have his vision and athletic performance improve as well - an added bonus we were not expecting! All of these positive results lead to a huge boost in his self-esteem and confidence. He is back to being a straight A student and college pitcher!

I wasn't looking for a new career.  I have a degree in business finance and after several years in corporate management I changed careers and became a real estate broker.  Helping people for over twenty-five years to buy and sell real estate is something that I still love to do, but I couldn't ignore the fact that Neurogen's neurofeedback system was so helpful for my son. I kept thinking the word needs to get out to more people! 


The Neurogen HPN system is so amazing and helpful and there are so many people that could benefit, I realized that I needed to be a part of it, I needed to become a practitioner.   


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