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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for my appointment?
Drink plenty of water.  It's best to be well hydrated. It’s recommended to not wash your hair the day of your appointment as you will want to wash your hair after the session to remove the electrode paste from your scalp. The practitioner will need to have access to your head, forehead and base of the neck.
What should I expect in a session? 
Five electrode sensors are placed on your head and neck to measure the electrical activity of the brain using an electroencephalograph (EEG) unit. Three electrode sensors will stay in place throughout the session and  two electrode sensors will be moved to specific site pairs by the practitioner. The EEG unit transmits the signal to the computer, the computer software then responds by sending low-intensity pulses back through the EEG unit to the brain, interrupting irregular patterns, and stimulating new healthy ones. This results in the minimization of unhealthy brain waves and the symptoms associated with them.  

Will there be any discomfort? 
No, most people don’t feel anything at all.  The signal is far below anything a person can feel or detect. The amount of energy that is used is very small and very safe.  The amount of energy that the device delivers is 2.5 picowatts. A picowatt is 1/1000th of a watt. 
Do I need to do anything during the session?
This neurofeedback system is completely passive on your part.  You  just need to keep your head still. If you want to read a book, play a game on your phone or text a friend, Neurogen will still be effective. 
Any recommendations for after the session? 
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Drink lots of water.  A session is a workout for your brain and just like when you workout hydration is very important. 
How many sessions will I need? 
The number of sessions will vary from person to person.  Some may feel immediate results others may take just a few sessions to recognize any benefits. It typically takes many sessions for the effects to last. Initial improvements are often temporary, but due to the cumulative nature of the sessions, the improvements last longer with each session.  The good news is that results typically endure and improve over time.  A typical series is 15-20 sessions for adults, while youth usually require less. 

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