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How Neurogen

Neurogen HPN software together with an electroencephalograph (EEG) machine reads the client's current brain waves and sends back to the brain tiny, imperceptible, ultra-low electrical signal feedback. The brain recognizes the electrical neurofeedback and makes the appropriate adjustments. The brain learns these new patterns of behavior and reorganizes them naturally into a healthier and more flexible way of functioning. As the brain learns to function in this more efficient manner, it becomes accustomed to this higher-functioning way of being, and the effects last longer and longer with each session. This results in a more highly functioning and balanced brainwave pattern. Unlike other neurofeedback providers, neurogenNOW is passive and requires no effort on the part of the client.  Just sit in a chair and relax!  If you want to read a book, play a game on your phone or text a friend, Neurogen will still be effective. 

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Helps With

Brain Balance                   

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Brain Optimization


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